Based in Hamilton, Schea Van Lines serves the great communities of Cincinnati everyday. With over fifteen years of experience, Schea Van Lines understands what is required to properly and efficiently relocate your home or office.

Schea Van Lines also offers premier service to those moving to or from Ohio from anywhere in the world. Schea Van Lines has earned and operates with a current Marine Cargo certification. This special licensing allows Schea Van Lines to move both household furnishings and commercial items across state lines. It is very important to be certain your interstate carrier possesses a current MC certification.

Commercial Relocation Cincinnati:

Do you own or manage a business within in the communities of Cincinnati? Chances are you will need moving services at some point in time for your office or facility. Schea Van Lines has a great deal of experience relocating both industrial facilities and cubicle style offices. ScheaVan Lines is the premier option when selecting a moving company to organize and handle the project. When configuring, assembling, and relocating office fixtures, attention to detail and timeline is extremely important. A lack of regard for both timeline and detail when doing it yourself can lead to costly mistakes.

Schea Van Lines gives special attention to nearly every detail and the timeline when planning the relocation of your office or industrial facility. This proper preparation will minimize the downtown to your operations that naturally occur as a result of the relocation.  Schea Van Linesplans and prepares so that if we serve you on a Sunday, regular business can be handled in the office that Monday.

Schea Van Lines stands for excellence and organization. This standard of excellent service is transparent throughout the entire process of moving your office.

Residential Relocation Cincinnati:

Moving can be very exciting for your family. Especially when it is a new beautiful home each member is looking forward to. Unfortunately, relocating to a new home can sometimes be very stressful for your family. With proper planning and professional handling, the stress that comes with moving your home can be eliminated. Hiring the proper moving company is key. With full time specialists, Schea Van Lines can guarantee professional moving services every time.

Schea Van Lines’ top priority is to make the process of moving the home a relaxed experience for each member of your family. Every box will be placed in the room assigned. Every bed will be assembled properly in the correct room. This attention to detail allows the families of our clients to proceed with normal living routine the following day of the move.

Schea Van Lines stands for excellence in operation. This firm standard of excellent service is transparent throughout the entire moving process of moving your family.