Why is Schea Van Lines the best moving company for you?

Schea Van Lines is family owned and operated. Family owned and operated is truly everything when considering a service company. Those words equate to pride, care for quality, and care for reputation. When a family puts their name on the face of a company, their reputation becomes one with the company. Forever striving to be the best we can be, the Schea family is proud to live and fly the Schea Van Lines brand.

Schea Van Lines only employs full time staff. Many moving companies contract day labor to meet the demands of their sales. Schea Van Lines only assigns teams to serve clients that collectively at least have one year of experience. Relocation services require experienced professionals at the helm. Without experience, a service will not conclude properly. Schea Van Lines understands the importance of having full time staff that can be depended on.

Schea Van Lines is fully licensed and insured. Licensing means that the firm is regulated by both state and federal agencies. Insurance means both your possessions are protected as well as your overall liability. Schea Van Lines carries workers compensation. Workers compensation is very important to you the consumer. In the event an injury occurs at your home or office involving a worker, workers compensation takes care of the medical attention and any other claims that occur. Many companies do not protect their clients by carrying workers compensation. Schea Van Lines protects our clients by carrying workers compensation.

Schea Van Lines only operates using the best equipment the industry has to offer. Quality of equipment is key in your relocation transpiring without a hitch. Each of Schea Van Lines service vehicles are newer than 5 years old. This standard of quality allows us to assure our clients that our equipment is dependable and clean. Additionally, every Schea Van Lines truck holds at least 100 moving pads accompanied by adequate box and appliance dollies. Properly equipping the truck is essential in the overall relocation of your home or office transpiring efficiently.